Next course starting on 28 June

Next course starting on 28 June

Become a web developer, let's program a better future

Enter our tech school and start working.

  • 6 months full-time course. 100% online
  • No upfront tuition fees
  • You begin paying when you have started your first job
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The number of developers needed in the world by 2025


The percentage of unemployed young people in Southern Italy


Code can change the fate of entire communities

We believe software development is a positive influence on the world.

For sustainable development to become an indispensable component of civil society, a new page on which anyone can write their own line. Because programming is just another form of writing, and it's something everyone can learn.

We are developers and we want to contribute to the development of the society.

We have decided to teach programming to create new conditions of life, work and society. We decided to do it in Southern Italy, where there is the energy to program the development of a better tomorrow.

We want to make a social impact, together with anyone who wants to make an urgent and necessary change. We will give new opportunities to young women and men who want to learn a skill and improve their lives. Computer code as a universal language of sustainable growth.


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A unique journey

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A unique journey

Free upfront access

We invest in your talent by covering your tuition upfront. You only begin paying when you have started your first job

Learn from experienced developers

Our teachers are experienced software developers who are motivated by the desire to pass on their expertise and skills

100% remote, 100% quality

Our training is fully remote, on a dedicated platform. Lessons are one demand and we provide state-of-the-art tools to interact with teachers and fellow students.

Best way to start working

At the end of our course you will have an opportunity to join one of our internal projects or take advantage of our national and international placement network

Our students

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Graduates with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and English language

Usp female

Women who want to be protagonists in the tech world

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Geeks and fans of information technology and technologies

Frontend Programming Course

Web Course path

A complete path

Through our 6-month-course you will acquire all the skills to develop a web application using the Angular framework, one of the most heavily used frameworks globally.

A self-sufficient framework

Angular is a complete and self-sufficient framework that allows you to easily create even most complex applications

After understanding the basic concepts, you will learn to develop advanced features in a short time, guaranteeing you high standards of performance

Web Course framework
Web Course tools

Agile Methodology

You will start with basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After that you will learn how to use Git, TypeScript and Angular

Together with your classmates you will create a full web app, learning agile team work

When do you want to start?
When do you want
to start?

Frontend Programming Course


Frontend Programming Course


Frontend Programming Course


You will have access to our exclusive learning platform

Developed by our team following best practices and improved through feedback from our students. Online lessons are only one part of our course because we believe that the best way to learn is by doing: solving programming exercises, working on projects and collaborating with others

Platform lessons
  • Lessons on demand with quizzes and exercises
  • Pair and mob programming with tutors and other students
  • 1:1 sessions with a dedicated tutor
  • Complete practical exercises at the end of each unit
  • Develop a web application within an agile team
Platform lessons

Academy that's accessible to everyone

We are a school and a development agency. That means we know which technologies are are required by the market and which skills the top players in the industry are looking for in candidates. Our curriculum makes sure that you learn those skills. For those looking for university-level knowledge but cannot bear high tuition costs our Tech School is the best solution to get the best skills at zero cost.

When you think about embarking on the software programming path you have before you a lot of options that are not exactly reassuring: short bootcamps that only scratch the surface of what you need to know, or long paths that encumber you with lots of knowledge that you will never need but light on knowledge you need on a day to day basis.

In addition, you are immediately forced to incur fees beyond the reach of many and without being sure that the investment will be fruitful"

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Our course is an investment in you!

We believe in you and invest in your talent by covering the full tuition upfront. You pay us back when you are hired.

We are committed. Our coaches will support you in finding your first job and the best students will be offered to join our own team or one of our partners' teams.

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